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Spring TX Animal Control Wildlife Removal- Varmit Busters

Spring & Harris County Wildlife Removal

Spring & Harris County Wildlife Removal: Safe & Humane Solutions (We Care About Critters Too!)

Nuisance Wildlife in Spring or Harris County, TX? We Can Help!

At Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc., We provide professional wildlife removal services in Spring, TX for homes and businesses throughout Harris County. Our experienced technicians prioritize animal welfare with safe and humane trapping methods. We are available 24/7 to handle a wide range of wildlife concerns, from common critters like raccoons and squirrels to less frequent visitors like coyotes and beavers. Spring TX Animal Control- Wildlife Removal (281) 399-2666. If you need us, or if you know of an animal who needs us, Call Varmit Busters 24/7

Our Comprehensive Wildlife Removal Services:

  • Safe & Humane Trapping: We prioritize animal welfare using effective methods that minimize stress during capture.
  • Wildlife Relocation: We safely remove animals from your property and relocate them to suitable habitats, adhering to all local regulations.
  • Exclusion & Prevention: Our team identifies and seals entry points to prevent future wildlife intrusions into your home or business.

We Handle All Your Wildlife Removal Needs!

Here are some of our most common services:

  • Mice & Rat Removal: We safely eliminate unwanted rodents from your property.
  • Raccoon Removal: Our experts remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, and anywhere else they’ve taken up residence.
  • Skunk Control & Odor Removal: We handle skunk problems safely and effectively, including complete odor removal from your property.
  • Squirrel Trapping & Removal: We humanely remove squirrels from attics, walls, or your yard.
  • Snake Removal: Our professionals safely remove venomous or non-venomous snakes from your property.

Don’t Let Wildlife Disrupt Your Life!

Contact Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc.  today for a free consultation. We offer fast, reliable, and guaranteed wildlife removal services in Spring and Harris County, TX.

Opossums in Spring or Harris County? Safe Removal & DIY Deterrence Options

Opossums in Spring

Facing Opossum Problems in Your Home? We Can Help!

Opossums are fascinating wildlife, but not ideal houseguests in Spring or Harris County, TX. While beneficial outdoors, they can create messes and damage property. This guide explores both DIY deterrence methods and professional opossum removal services from Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc to keep your property safe.

Signs of Opossums Around Your Home:

  • Nighttime Activity: Scratching or thumping sounds from your attic or walls may indicate an opossum has moved in.
  • Trashed Cans: Opossums overturn or tear into trash cans searching for food scraps. Secure your lids!
  • Unusual Droppings: Look for small, oval-shaped droppings around your property.
  • Property Damage: Chewed electrical wires, soffit vents, or insulation might be signs of opossum nesting activity.

When to Call Professional Opossum Removal:

  • Extensive Infestation: DIY methods may not be effective for large infestations. Call Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc for expert removal.
  • Mother Opossums with Joeys: These situations require specialized techniques. We can safely reunite families.
  • Aggressive Behavior: While rare, opossums can be aggressive. We handle safe removal for your peace of mind.

Safe & Effective Opossum Removal Services in Spring & Harris County

Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc. offers humane opossum removal solutions in Spring and Harris County. Our experienced technicians provide:

  • Thorough Inspections: Trained professionals assess opossum activity, entry points, and attractants.
  • DIY Deterrence Guidance: We offer advice on exclusion methods to help prevent future opossum problems.
  • Safe Opossum Removal (Optional): When necessary, licensed professionals humanely trap and relocate opossums.

Spring & Harris County Raccoon Removal: Don't Let Raccoons Rule Your Roost (DIY & Pro Solutions)

Spring & Harris County Raccoon Removal

Raccoons Causing Chaos in Spring or Harris County? We Can Help!

Raccoons, those clever masked bandits, can wreak havoc on your Spring or Harris County home. This guide explores both DIY deterrence methods and professional solutions from Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc to safely and effectively get rid of raccoons.

Signs of a Raccoon Infestation:

  • Nighttime Activity: Bumping, scratching, or rustling sounds from your attic or chimney could indicate unwelcome raccoon guests.
  • Trashy Chaos: Look for overturned trash cans, ripped pet food bags, or scattered garbage – all signs of scavenging raccoons.
  • Animal Droppings: Keep an eye out for dark, hand-sized droppings around your property.
  • Property Damage: Raccoons might tear into vents, soffits, or rooflines to access your attic for nesting, causing structural damage.

DIY Raccoon Deterrence Tactics:

  • Trash Tamper-Proofing: Use metal trash cans with tight-fitting lids to outsmart raccoon midnight raids.
  • Eliminate Attractants: Pick up fallen fruit, pet food, or other potential food sources around your property.
  • Light Up the Night: Install motion-sensor lights near potential entry points to deter light-sensitive raccoons.
  • Seal Entry Points: Close up potential entry holes around your foundation, roof, or vents with sturdy materials.

When to Call Professional Raccoon Removal:

  • Extensive Infestation: If DIY methods fail or the raccoon activity seems widespread, professional help is recommended.
  • Mother Raccoons & Babies: Mother raccoons with young require specialized removal techniques to avoid harming the kits.
  • Aggressive Behavior: While uncommon, raccoons can display aggression if cornered. In such cases, call a professional for safe removal.

Galveston & Houston Bee Removal: Guaranteed Safe Relocation (We Save Bees, You Save Money!)

Galveston & Houston Bee Removal

Bees in Your Galveston or Houston Home? We Can Help!

Don’t panic if you find unwanted bees buzzing around your property. At Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc. we offer guaranteed bee removal services in Galveston and Houston that prioritize both people and bee well-being. We focus on safe relocation, ensuring bee survival and continued pollination in our environment.

Why Choose us for Bee Removal?

  • Bee Relocation Experts: We’re passionate about saving bees! We use safe methods to relocate honeybee hives to apiaries, allowing them to thrive and continue their vital role in our ecosystem.
  • Safe & Effective Africanized Bee Removal (Killer Bees): If you suspect aggressive Africanized honeybees, our highly trained technicians have the equipment and expertise to safely remove them from your property, protecting your family and pets.
  • Guaranteed Wasp Nest Removal: Not all stingers are bees! Our team can safely remove and eliminate wasp nests from your Galveston or Houston home, with a satisfaction guarantee.

Houston & Galveston Coyote Removal: Protect Your Family - Guaranteed Safe & Humane (TX Regulations Followed)

Houston & Galveston Coyote Removal

Worried About Coyotes Near Your Houston or Galveston Home? We Can Help!

Coyotes are fascinating creatures, but their presence near your home can pose a safety risk for your family and pets. At Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc we offer guaranteed safe and humane coyote removal services in Houston and Galveston to keep your loved ones protected.

Why Choose us for Houston & Galveston Coyote Removal?

  • Family & Pet Safety First: Our top priority is ensuring the safety of your family and pets with humane coyote removal from your property.
  • Texas Rabies Compliance: We strictly follow state regulations for safe coyote handling and relocation, prioritizing public health.
  • Experienced Local Technicians: Our highly trained wildlife specialists have extensive experience dealing with coyotes in the Houston and Galveston area.
  • Guaranteed Humane Methods: We use safe and effective trapping techniques to remove coyotes without causing harm.

Understanding Coyotes in Houston & Galveston:

  • Common Sightings: Coyotes are prevalent in Texas, including urban and suburban areas. Be aware of their presence around your home.
  • Identifying Coyotes: These medium-sized canines resemble dogs with bushy tails and pointed ears. Fur color can vary (light tan, red, black).
  • Coyote Behavior: Coyotes are mainly active at night, but sightings can occur at dawn or dusk. While typically shy, they may become aggressive if cornered or protecting pups.
  • Territorial Packs: Coyotes establish territories and travel in packs, including parents, pups, and sometimes yearlings.

Common Wildlife Problems Got You Down? We're Here to Help!

We Specialize in Handling All Your Wildlife Control Needs:

  • Roof & Attic Animal Control: We safely remove unwanted guests like raccoons, squirrels, and bats from your roof or attic.
  • Under Deck & Porch Critter Control: We eliminate critters seeking shelter under your home with humane trapping and exclusion methods.
  • Bat Removal Services: Our professionals can safely and humanely remove bats from your home or attic.
  • Dead Animal Removal: We remove deceased animals from your property to prevent odors and health risks.
  • Chimney Wildlife Sealing: We can seal potential entry points in your chimney to prevent animals from entering.

                           Experience a Wildlife-Free Home

Spring Rodent Removal Guaranteed: Fast & Safe Rat & Mice Extermination (Peace of Mind Included)

Spring Rodent Removal Guaranteed

Rodent Problems Got You Down in Spring? We Can Help!

Don’t let unwanted rats or mice ruin your Spring home! We offer guaranteed rodent removal services in Spring to eliminate them quickly and effectively. Our fast-acting, humane approach prioritizes the safety of your family, pets, and property.

Why Choose us for Spring Rodent Control?

  • Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back: We stand behind our work, ensuring complete rodent elimination.
  • Fast & Efficient Service: Our experienced Spring technicians respond quickly to get rid of your rodent problem ASAP.
  • Family & Pet-Safe Solutions: We prioritize your loved ones’ safety with humane rodent removal methods.
  • Expert Inspection & Customized Plan: We conduct a thorough inspection to identify entry points and create a targeted treatment strategy specific to your infestation.
  • Effective Rodent-Proofing: We go beyond elimination, sealing entry points and installing preventative measures to stop future infestations.

Our Proven 4-Step Process for a Rodent-Free Spring Home:

  1. Thorough Inspection:
  • Identify Entry Points: Our Spring technicians meticulously examine your foundation, walls, and roof to locate potential rodent entry points.
  • Infestation Signs: We search for droppings, gnaw marks, and other evidence of rodent activity to assess the severity of the infestation.

Customized Plan Development: Based on our findings, we create a personalized plan to effectively eliminate rodents from your Spring home.

2.Effective Trapping:
Humane Methods: We utilize a combination of safe and humane traps to capture rodents without causing harm to your family or pets.
Rodent-Proofing Your Property:

  • Sealing Entry Points: Gaps, cracks, and other potential entry points around your foundation, walls, and roof are thoroughly sealed to prevent future rodent access.
  • Chimney Capping: We secure chimney access points to ensure rodents can’t enter your home through the chimney.
  • Mesh Barrier Installation: Additional preventative measures like mesh barriers around vents and pipes are installed to create a long-term rodent-free environment.

Spring Bat Removal Guaranteed: Safe & Humane Bat Eviction (Fast, Guaranteed Results)

Spring Bat Removal Guaranteed

Bats in Your Spring Attic Keeping You Up at Night? We Can Help!

While bats are beneficial outdoors, they can create unwanted chaos in your Spring home. At we offer a guaranteed, humane bat removal service to safely and efficiently evict bats from your attic. Our fast and hassle-free process prioritizes your family’s well-being and peace of mind.

Why Choose us for Spring Bat Removal?

  • Fast & Humane Bat Eviction: We prioritize both bat and family safety with humane exclusion methods to remove bats quickly.
  • Guaranteed Results & Peace of Mind: Our money-back guarantee ensures complete bat removal, leaving you worry-free.
  • Safe Guano Cleanup & Sanitation: Trained professionals safely remove and sanitize bat guano to eliminate potential health risks associated with bat droppings.
  • Effective Bat Proofing: We go beyond removal, sealing entry points to prevent future bat infestations in your Spring home.

Our Proven 3-Step Process for a Bat-Free Spring Home:

  1. Humane Bat Exclusion:


  • One-Way Doors & Bat Exit Strategies: Our experts strategically install one-way doors at bat entry points, allowing bats to leave naturally without the possibility of re-entry.

2.Safe Guano Cleanup & Sanitation:

  • Professional Guano Removal with Safety: We utilize specialized equipment and safety gear to safely remove bat guano from your attic.
  • Thorough Cleaning & Deodorization: Affected areas are thoroughly cleaned and deodorized to eliminate lingering odors and potential health hazards.

3.Effective Bat Proofing:
  • Sealing Entry Points to Prevent Future Problems: We meticulously seal cracks, soffits, vents, chimneys, and other potential b

Spring Skunk Removal Guaranteed: Eliminate Odor & Breathe Easy Again (Fast, Safe & Humane)

Spring Skunk Removal Guaranteed

Stinky Skunk Spray Got You Down in Spring? We Can Help!

A skunk encounter can leave your Spring home with a lingering, unpleasant odor, causing discomfort and health concerns. We offer a guaranteed skunk removal service to eliminate the odor and protect your family. We use safe, humane methods to remove skunks quickly and permanently, so you can breathe easy again.

Why Choose us for Spring Skunk Removal?

  • Fast Odor Elimination & Guaranteed Results: We act swiftly to remove skunks and eliminate the lingering odor for complete satisfaction. Our services are guaranteed.
  • Safe & Humane Skunk Removal: Animal welfare is our priority. We use humane traps and exclusion techniques to remove skunks safely.
  • Disease Prevention & Peace of Mind: Trained technicians wear protective gear to minimize rabies exposure risk.
  • Long-Term Skunk Solutions: We go beyond immediate removal by sealing entry points, repairing vents, and recommending habitat modification to prevent future infestations.

Our Proven 3-Step Spring Skunk Removal Process:

  1. Detailed Skunk Inspection:
  • Precise Detection: We use blacklights and advanced tools to locate hiding skunks on your Spring property.
  • Thorough Property Evaluation: We conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify entry points and assess skunk activity.

    2.Safe & Humane Skunk Removal:

  • Humane Skunk Capture: We prioritize animal welfare. Live traps and one-way exclusion doors are used to safely remove skunks from your home.


    3.Effective Skunk Control & Prevention:

  • Long-Term Solutions: We seal entry points and recommend preventative measures (eliminating attractants) to stop future infestations.
  • Habitat Modification: We advise on ways to make your property less inviting to skunks by addressing potential food sources or nesting areas.

Don’t Let Skunks Stink Up Your Spring Home!

Contact us today for a free quote on our guaranteed Spring skunk removal services. We’ll ensure your home is skunk-free and odor-free quickly and humanely!

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Here's what sets us apart:

• Humane Animal Trapping: Our experienced technicians are experts in the art of wildlife trapping. We prioritize animal welfare while ensuring successful removal.
• Attic Wildlife Removal Specialists: From small rodents in Spring to raccoons, we solve attic infestations efficiently. We perform thorough inspections, remove all animals (including babies), clean the mess, repair any damage, and prevent future entries.
• Complete Wildlife Removal Solutions: in Spring We go beyond trapping. We identify how animals entered your property and permanently seal those entry points to prevent future problems. We offer full inspections, written quotes, and preventative sealing services.
• Attic Clean Up and Sanitation: Wildlife can leave behind a mess of nesting materials, parasites, and waste. We safely clean, deodorize, and decontaminate your attic, eliminating lingering odors that could attract new animals.
• Chimney Animal Removal and Capping: We humanely remove animals in Spring from chimneys and install secure steel caps to prevent future entry.
• Dead Animal Removal and Odor Control: We locate and remove deceased animals, eliminating unpleasant odors and taking steps to prevent future occurrences.

Don't let wildlife take over your home or business. Call us today for a free consultation!

Harris County Animal Control -

The county animal services deals with domestic animal complaints, such as barking dog problems, dangerous pets, animal adoptions, stray cats, and so on. They will not help out with wildlife issues, particularly if you need a real solution to a real wildlife problem, such as critters up in the attic. If you have a problem with a cat or dog, call the county. If you have a problem with wildlife in Spring, give us a call.

Spring Wildlife Removal Experts: We Tackle What Animal Control Can't

Spendora Wildlife

We service the entire Houston metro area, including:

The towns of Aldine, Bellaire, Friendswood, Hedwig Village, Jersey Village, Katy, League City, City of Spring, TX covers 4 Zip Codes 77520 Zip Code 77521 Zip Code 77522 Zip Code 77523 Zip Code 5 Cities within 15 Miles of the City of Spring, TX Channelview ,TX Highlands ,TX La Porte ,TX Mont Belvieu ,TX Wallisville ,TX Mission Bend, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Texas City, Spring, Spring, Spring, The Woodlands, Willowbrook, Kingwood, and Atascocita. If you are unsure about our service range, just give us a call! Most Popular ZIP Code Searches in Texas 77494 77449 78660 77084 77433 79936 77573 79938 75052 78245 77479 78130

Unsure about your area? Just call!

Our Expertise:

• Safe Snake Removal: Spring Texas is full of snakes, venomous and non-venomous alike. We safely remove unwanted snakes from your property.
• Attic Wildlife Removal: in Spring Texas Don’t let critters like raccoons turn your attic into their home. Our Spring remove wildlife humanely and seal entry points to prevent future problems.
• Bat Control: in Spring Texas, Bats can be noisy and leave behind mess. We identify bat entry points, remove them humanely, and prevent their return.

Don’t let wildlife disrupt your peace of mind. Call us today for a free consultation!

In addition to the above, consider adding:
• 24/7 Emergency Service
• Humane Wildlife Treatment
• Attic Clean Up and Sanitation
• Wildlife Damage Repair

Galveston & Houston's Trusted Wildlife Removal Experts (Over 30 Years!)

Safe & Humane Wildlife Removal for Homes & Businesses
Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc. in Spring Texas is your one-stop shop for all your wildlife removal needs in Galveston and the greater Spring area. With over 3 decades of experience, we specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance animals and pests, both indoors and outdoors.

Why Choose Us?
• Safe & Humane Wildlife Removal: We prioritize the safety of people and animals. Our experienced technicians use proven methods to remove wildlife humanely in Spring Texas.
• Complete Wildlife Solutions: We don’t just remove animals in Spring TX. We identify entry points and seal them to prevent future problems.
• Residential & Commercial Services: We service both homes and businesses, offering tailored solutions for each property type.
• Highly Accredited & Licensed: We are licensed, insured, and bonded by the State of Texas, with additional accreditations for specific wildlife removal services in Spring TX.
• Family-Owned & Customer-Focused: As a family-run business, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service to every client in Spring TX.

We Handle a Wide Range of Wildlife Issues:
• Raccoons in the Attic
• Bats in the Chimney
• Snakes in the Yard
• Rodents in the Walls
• Nuisance Birds
• And more!

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Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc.

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Don’t let wildlife take over your Spring property. Call Animal Control-Wildlife today for a free consultation!
Hal started his first animal control business in the mid-70’s doing strictly animal trapping and animal proofing. He received his certification from TEA to teach animal management in the mid 1980’s as part of his animal control business. He sold the business in 1999 but remained active in wildlife work as a trapper of wild hogs, licensed nuisance alligator trapper, and breeder of wallabies. Hal also works with two game ranches, a gator farm and airboat ecological tours in Galveston Bay. In 2009, Hal decided to pursue his interest in an animal control business again by opening Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc.Hal started his first animal control business in the mid-70’s doing strictly animal trapping and animal proofing. He received his certification from TEA to teach animal management in the mid 1980’s as part of his animal control business. He sold the business in 1999 but remained active in wildlife work as a trapper of wild hogs, licensed nuisance alligator trapper, and breeder of wallabies. Hal also works with two game ranches, a gator farm and airboat ecological tours in Galveston Bay. In 2009, Hal decided to pursue his interest in an animal control business again by opening Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc.Hal started his first animal control business in the mid-70’s doing strictly animal trapping and animal proofing. He received his certification from TEA to teach animal management in the mid 1980’s as part of his animal control business. He sold the business in 1999 but remained active in wildlife work as a trapper of wild hogs, licensed nuisance alligator trapper, and breeder of wallabies. Hal also works with two game ranches, a gator farm and airboat ecological tours in Galveston Bay. In 2009, Hal decided to pursue his interest in an animal control business again by opening Animal Control-Wildlife, Inc.