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Wasp and Bee Removal for Galveston & The Greater Houston Area


Everyone knows honey bees are essential to pollinating plants but what you may not know is they are not native to the Americas. They are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa but were first shipped to Virginia in 1621, for the early pioneers used honey as their chief sweetener. These bees colonized all of North America over time. Honey bees have five senses just like us that they utilize in their daily lives and they communicate with one another in very interesting ways.

They like to set up their hives inside of trees, houses or other buildings. We always try to relocate the bees and remove the hives.

In recent years, the African Bee has been known to invade the honey bees’ hive, which it doesn’t take long before the honey bees are all dead and all that is left in the hive is African bees. These are the more aggressive bee which you hear of attacking people when mowing lawns, weed eating, etc. and killing people and animals due to the sheer number of bees stinging them at one time.

Wasps are not bees but they also like to nest inside of trees, under eaves, or inside of houses or other buildings. We can assist you in ridding your area of these pesky critters also.